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Shapeshifter database structure

The database is structured as follows:


Contains permissions.xml and userlist.xml

_profile.xml files are also stored here.


.xml files uploaded and converted from word live folders are stored here


.xml and _role.xml files are stored here. The files contains xml stream patterns.


.xml page templates are stored here


.xml layout schemes for site trees are stored here


Different kinds of content files are stored here


Content entries are stored here.


Raw word htm files

/db/contents/jpeg pdf etc

Special kinds of binary files


Other kinds of binary files



.xml files the position of the last added entry, for each section

_hieararchy.xml files for different sites. Stores the section structure

metadata.xml stores the number of the last entry in all sites

/db/contents/meta/jpg pdf other, etc

.xml files with metadata for binary files