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Music or science

Sten 2006-01-13 00:26

It occurred to me that simply by writing this post I force you to enjoy the small joys. What has that got to do with Science, you probably wonder... I share all I know, which is not little. Yesterday I was totally into music. Not a minute too late, I may add Anyway. Yeah, but it wasn't at all your typical mood swing or anything. I stumbled upon truth and stuff. Which would be nothing special but...

... Curiously we fared better in the similar category of music from the 60s...

While that is not as immediately gratifying as punching a hole in a wall and screaming like an idiot, it is definitely the better of the two choices.  When the grass was still green and the sky still blue I was totally, utterly depressed. Like a true poet or something. So that's that. And still, it was strange. Using Google, I found angels.