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15 things to have in a list


The list:

  1. cream
  2. whip cream canisters
  3. Gravy
  4. Cranberry Sauce
  5. spaghetti sauce
  6. soap on a rope
  7. baking soda (for coke)
  8. stool softener
  9. butter
  10. butt lotion
  11. Yams
  12. vaseline
  13. Michelob Dry
  14. double fudge chunk ice cream
  15. cold sore medicine

written by Tor

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Regarding Metafilter


It occurred to me that we must always and forever remember to participate in acts of aggression. Why am I talking about Metafilter, you may ask? So... This morning I played guitar on the beach. Whatever. OK, but back to the story.

... But it was different that time. I saw an image of my happiness....

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written by Tor

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